21 DAILY HABITS FOR HEALTHY WOMEN:: Prevent Heart Attack, Lose Weight, and Regain Confidence


A doctor who understands your struggles. Basic, straight forward. Actionable tips.

Perfect FOR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS and for changing your long term health. Preventive medication at its best!

Dr. Arcoma González Lambert, practiced as a licensed naturopathic medical doctor for practically 10 many years. She requires you by the hand and leads you by way of the approach of shifting small behaviors each and every day, in little achievable techniques, which will impact the complete outcome of your health. She answers the pertinent questions so that you feel confident generating changes, assessing the accomplishment of the changes, and what the final result should be. She is like getting a very best pal who is hand-in-hand helping through the procedure.

The 21 day-to-day habits are presented in a Entire body Optimistic model. This allows you to know what the benefits of each alter are before you undertake them. It gives you confidence in the alterations you will see in your wellbeing.

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