From Belly Fat to Belly Flat: How Your Hormones Are Adding Inches to Your Waist and Subtracting Years from Your Life — the Medically Proven Way to Reset Your Metabolism and Reshape Your Body


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Find out the hidden culprit behind the ‘middle-age spread’–and the basic strategy that’s aided hundreds of women in excess of thirty break the fat cycle!

It really is an all-also-typical dilemma when you hit thirty: Despite your best efforts, you just can’t appear to shed the further weight close to your middle, and you seem in the mirror wondering what month and yr you lost your waistline. Medical analysis proves you happen to be not alone–that the typical American gains a single to two pounds a year soon after age thirty–typically around the stomach. Not only does this excess belly fat make you look and feel poor, it truly is the most damaging kind of fat a precursor to heart attacks and certain sorts of cancer.

To the contrary of other diet plan books, C.W. Randolph, M.D., a champion for women’s overall health, explains that the true cause behind this issue has much less to do with calories, carbs, or crunches and everything to do with a tiny-known but very real health care issue referred to as ‘estrogen dominance.’ By treating 1000’s of girls securely and successfully for over two decades, Dr. Randolph has found why we are in the midst of an estrogen epidemic and how you can conserve your waistline . . . and your overall health . . . employing his 3-step strategy comprised of an anti-estrogenic diet, natural progesterone supplementation, and physical exercise. You may understand:

-How to self-diagnose estrogen dominance
-The prime 10 belly-blasting foods that jump-start weight loss and maintain hormone balance
-How your rest patterns, exercising routines, and tension ranges affect your hormone amounts
-Which vitamins and supplements help, not sabotage, your overall hormone balance

The end result? Nicely inside of four weeks you’ll drop lbs and inches… and reveal the flat belly–and the wellness and vitality that go along with it.

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